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Color Me Healthy teaches four- and five-year-olds about healthy eating and exercise.

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What's in the Kit

The Color Me Healthy kit includes:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • 4 picture card sets
    Dairy foods, colors of foods, where foods grow and places to be active
  • 3 posters for the classroom
  • Music CD with 7 original songs
    Sample medley MP3 (right-click to download) with samples of all songs!
  • Hand stamp to reward child participation
  • 14 parent newsletters that can be reused
  • 2 parent posters

Spanish Add-on

A Spanish add-on set of material is available, including:

  • 4 picture card sets
  • 1 poster for the classroom
  • 13 parent newsletters that can be reused
  • 2 parent posters

Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed

Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed is comprised of nine sequential lessons chosen from Color Me Healthy and incorporates components allowable with SNAP-Ed funds. Simple, low-cost taste tests have been added to enhance the multi-sensory learning experience as well supplemental Story Time with books related to the lesson.

The Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed Curriculum Notebook includes: complete lesson instructions, a parent letter describing the program, a graduation certificate, an attendance roster to collect SNAP-Ed demographic data, and teacher and parent evaluation forms to capture behavior change outcomes. Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed can be used for train-the-trainer or direct education.

The Color Me Healthy Kit is required in order to implement Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed.

For the Color Me Healthy for SNAP-Ed Curriculum Notebook, please contact Carolyn Dunn at Carolyn_Dunn@ncsu.edu.